All good things must come to an end… Can’t win them all… Every dog has it’s day… Any of the cliches ring true this morning. After 31 straight victories (Dating back to September 2012) the Warriors streak came to an end last night dropping a heart breaking 30-24 loss to Bill Crothers in the YRAA Final. However, there is still much to celebrate about the 2014 season. We finish up 2014 with an 11 year record of 100-12-2. A record unmatched by any other program in Ontario. Our defense has not given up more than 21 points in 114 straight games! That’s incredible! (In last nights game 14 points came off of special teams and a fumble recovery for a TD). Thank you’s go out to our Booster Club for all their effort and support (Especially, Randy, Vito and Ed for the game set up and take down, we’re like a rock n’roll band with all our equipment, LOL). To the graduating seniors, Mike Deltin, Luke Griese, Graham Legrow, Graeme Shreeve, Cameron Lougas, Robbie Yamashita, Dylan John, Zach Keele and Reshaun Christie, thank you boys for all your effort and dedication to the program. You leave Huron as the winning-est Graduating Class EVER! 31-1, with 2 Provincial Titles. Anyone who knows football, at any level, knows that, that feat in itself is unreal! Thanks to the whole team for another great season. We will be back for a 12th straight YRAA Final in 2015, I guarantee it!