Great Commitment!

Over the past 2 weekends 20 Warriors have attended 3 different Football Camps. 5 Warriors were at the Super Elite Camp this weekend, while 15 attended MAC’s Skill Camp and O-Line/D-Line Camp.

MAC’s Skill Camp

Colin Grant

Skyler McMurty

Phil Girouard

Jamie Hollingworth

Dawson Santagato

Jayden Thompson

Sebastian Scott

Daniel Stefanyk

Andrew Cronin

MAC’S O/D Line Camp

Gregg Anderson

Matt Ditta

Tyler Harbin

Matt Goodall

Alex Kaminski

Daniel Stefanyk

Alex Witton

Matt Lewis

Super Elite Camp

Colin Grant

Chase Szabo

Scott Greer

Aiden Meilczarek

Micheal Strumos

Jayden Thompson

Keep “Filling the Pool” boys!!!