Here’s is a facebook update from Nick’s Mom (Margy Shaw)…

Day 40 Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
Today was a big day for Nicholas they had him standing again, then he sat in his special wheelchair for an hour!!! We are so Proud of you, our Son, our Warrior!!!! When I arrived at the hospital they told me that Nicholas was being moved to the Trauma Unit just outside of the ICU doors, I was filled with mixed emotions!!! Some extremely happy, some sad but knowing this was the next step for him that he’s getting better! Its been such a long time coming this day!!! We had been in the ICU Trauma Unit for 5 1/2 weeks now, its where we became very familiar with all the Surgeons, Dr.’s, Therapists, Nursing staff day and night 24/7 in the ICU Trauma Unit, the list is endless!!! They are truly an amazing team, we could never thank them enough for what they have done to save our dear Nicholas!!! The entire Trauma Team all involved that saved him not once but twice, we are eternally grateful for every step of the way!!!! We are so indebted to all involved and we know his journey to healing isn’t over yet but we are moving in the right direction!!! Nicholas will be having surgery soon to close his incision, we still aren’t sure of date? He has many hurdles to go through before he comes home, its going to be slow but we will get there!!!! So today marks another milestone for Nicholas that he is a Fighter and a Warrior!!!! Keep doing what your doing Son, We Love You So Much, Your Such a Joy to all, you are so Loved by the Medical Team your unbelievably a Miracle!!!! Thanks to all involved who have worked tirelessly so far with Nicholas, our Angels and Miracle Workers Thank you!!!! Keep up the fight Son!!!!! We All Love You Dearly!!! Please keep Nicholas close in Prayers and Thanks again for all your Love & Support its still very much needed!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ XOXOXOXO

P.S Nicholas is really enjoying the cards your sending us at Ronald McDonald House 😍 I have posted the address in previous updates if you would like to mail a card or letter to him 😉 Thanks again XO

Day 38 Monday, September 5th, 2016 Labour Day
Nicholas had an ok day, we did go outside with his 2 nurses but only for 5 minutes! Our boy was very upset before we went outside, it really bothered him that people were staring and looking at him he was very emotional and it just broke all our hearts! 😢 It took a lot of his energy, he had a nap for a couple of hours once his nurses got him back to bed 😉 These moments will soon be a part of all of our pasts….

Day 35 Friday, September 2nd, 2016
Nicholas had another busy day, he still is in ICU! Lots accomplished today Dr. changed his sponge vac dressing, he’s doing well, hopefully surgery soon to close his incision? One day at a time he’s been through so much in his young life! Nicholas sat in the chair for 1 hr as well the therapists sat him at the side of bed and did a bit of exercise, he’s so weak my poor boy! 😔 Breaks my heart to see him like this, so close to hugging him tight! 😍 I really miss his Hugs 😔 He also went over 24 hrs with Trach mask, so amazing, RT just kept him going 👍 so he is breathing on his own!!!! So so so Proud of him, he’s trying so hard to be well, so positive, so strong “Our Warrior” I can’t even tell you how this makes us feel, just every step he takes, tells us he’s getting there! Keep going Son your entire ICU Trauma Team are Cheering you on, they have seen you at your worst and they see how determined and positive you are!!!! You are so loved by all!!!! You are a miracle to them as well as to us!!!! Thanks everyone for the cards we are receiving here at Ronald McDonald House, some ppl we don’t even know and lots we do, we really enjoy reading your letters to Nicholas and to us and its hard not to shed a tear, we cannot believe how kind everyone is! Today we did a small gesture for a young man we didn’t even know and his name was Dale how weird is that!!! He walked with a cane, going through an illness and had trouble carrying a tray to get his lunch so I helped him with his order then carried it over and payed for his lunch and sat him down too! 😍 Not only did it warm my heart but also his and the lady in the hospital cafe, it really was something that I needed to do, I felt it was the least I could do was to pay it forward, we’ve had it way beyond what I’ve ever imagined!!!! Thanks everyone for your continued Support, Love and Prayers! ❤️❤️❤️XOXOXOXO

Day 32, Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Love my boy so much!!!! Nicholas had a very busy day today had his vac dressing changed that went well, respiratory therapist added on another 2 hrs, he is now doing 12 hrs!!!! 😍 They moved Nicholas to sit into a very large special chair today for a 1/2 hr it was a challenge for him, uncomfortable and somewhat painful as he’s gone from an induced coma to gradually waking and now knowing what is going on!!! Real shock to the body laying in bed for almost 5 weeks in ICU! Nicholas continues to progress each day and we Pray he continues to move forward!!!! Nicholas is a real Warrior our Victorious One! Keep up the fight son you are getting there, very slowly but your showing them! We Love You and we are so Proud of you!!!! Thanks again everyone for all the support, love and prayers!!!! ❤️XOXOXOXO

Day 28 Friday, August 26, 2016
I just couldn’t keep my eyes open to finish my post last night, I was exhausted, it was a very stressful day so when we got back to RMDH we crashed!!! Nicholas had a rough day as did we for him! They had to do an xray at 10am then one at 10pm, he is being followed very closely! We were also waiting for another CT scan which he will have today (Sat). There are a couple things they are monitoring and praying all will be fine! He is still is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and he’ll be in there until he’s completely closed up! He’s still on the respirator, the respiratory Dr is allowing Nicholas to try in small amounts to breath on his own but its a bit at a time and will take time before he’s totally breathing on his own, its all a gradual process! He’s been so swollen so things are moving slowly and its day by day for him. He has such a long road ahead of him before he’s out of the hospital, he’s had such a very serious life threatening injury that is taking time to get him back! Please continue to keep Nicholas in your Prayers they are still very much needed!!!!!! We Love You Nicholas we want you well and we want you back to the way you used to be! We Love you buddy you are a Warrior and your proving it!!!!! ❤️XOXOXOXO

Day 27 Thursday, August 25, 2016
The last 2 days have been kind of tough 😔 Nicholas has been moved to another ICU in the same hospital, he’s had to have a procedure done to put a tube in his chest to release air from his chest cavity and lungs 😔, he’s had a fever as well. He was sent for CT Scan late in the day Thursday. Surgeons will be discussing plans for more surgery soon? The Respiratory Dr is working with Nicholas on his breathing tube, small steps to help him strengthen to breath on his own eventually, this will take him time as he’s been dependent on a machine for almost a month!!!! We can’t believe this Saturday it will be a month where has it gone!!!! Keep Fighting Son Our Warrior your a Champ!!!! We Love You So Much and We Need You and Miss You So Much!!!! We want you back to the way it used to be!!!! One day soon and we can’t wait!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️XOXOXOXO

Day 21 Friday, August 19th,2016
Nicholas had surgery today all went ok but Surgeons weren’t able to do exactly what they wanted to do! Not closed up as they hoped little complicated to explain but possibly skin grafting? He remains in Trauma Unit ICU will most likely be in there for another week? And when he is out of there he will be moved to regular Trauma Unit area, surgeon said can expect to be there for at least a month then he would be moved to a rehab facility! We’ll cross that bridge when we get there! But for now we are going day by day! Please keep him in your Prayers he has a long road ahead!!! Thanks for all your Love and Prayers ❤️XOXOXO

Day 20: Thursday, August 18th, 2016
We are just back from being at hospital all day! Nicholas continues to improve they have slowly taken him off his sedation and pain meds, they are giving him different pain meds than the others he was on! He’s more awake now and becoming more alert he can hear us he nods his head yes or no, thumbs up and continues to wink at us 😍 We are so pleased with his progress as so are the Surgeons Dr’s nurses the Trauma Team Unit in the ICU we are all so happy with Nicholas’s baby steps going to be an extremely long road ahead but we have all the time in the WORLD for our dear sweet son!!!!! We Love you Nicholas you are our WARRIOR OUR VICTORIOUS ONE!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️XOXOXOXO

Please continue to Pray for him as he goes in tmrw (Friday, August19th) for his 8th surgery, Thanks again for your msgs, cards, visits, food and taking us out for dinners to get us away just for a bit 😉 we are so overwhelmed with all that everyone is doing for us all the encouragement, Love, Support and continued Prayers!!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️XOXOXOXO

Day 19
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
Nicholas continues to get better and ystrdy he proved it! They are slowly taking him off his pain meds and he’s becoming more alert! Nicholas is opening his eyes more he can hear us but we are a blur! We’re a bit foggy to him, it will take time for him to come back completely!
Dale asked him can you wink for Dad? Nicholas winked!!!! 😍 OMG I can’t tell you what an emotional moment for us TEARS OF JOY!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
We also had our friend and neighbour Mike who is a Reverend come for a visit and he asked Nicholas if he could Pray with him and Nicholas nodded his head yes!!!!!!! What a moment I must say as you can imagine my heart was singing! 😍 It’s going to be a long road but he’s on the right track!!!! Nicholas is scheduled for surgery on Friday
Please continue to Pray 🙏!!!!!! They are slowly being answered Thank you Everyone! ❤️❤️❤️❤️XOXOXOXO

Update from Monday August 15th Surgery:
Nicholas did well in surgery, incision not closed yet, hoping the next maybe 2 surgeries it will be! Trach procedure is done also so much better for him and we can see his face! 😍 We’ve waited to see this day for a very long time just to see his beautiful face! ❤️ Thanks for the Prayers they are slowly getting answered! ❤️XOXOXOXO

Monday August 15th day 17 at St Mikes Trauma Unit ICU
Nicholas had a bit of a rough night last night 😢 they cut his pain meds down the last couple days which he responded to which was a good thing but not the greatest thing 😢 his fabulous nurses were able to settle him! Nicholas is in surgery #7 right now, the team of Dr’s are trying to still close his incision this can be a long process, they are also doing a tracheotomy, this will be a better way for his respirator. Please Pray for Nicholas and Thanks again for your continued support, Love and Prayers!!!!!! It is very much needed during this difficult time in our lives! 😢 ❤️XOXOXOXO

Saturday August 13th
Today is our 15th day here at St Mike’s Nicholas has come along way since the 1st day, it’s been a struggle and a hard one at that and that’s putting it mildly!!!!! Nicholas had a good night (Fri Aug 12th), they had to give him unit of blood this am because of surgery ystrdy, he has a couple new drain tubes, lots of different tubes for meds etc. He is still in induced coma and will be in it until his incision is completely closed! This is going to take time to do due to extent of injury, swelling etc. He will be going in for surgery again on Monday, so please keep Nicholas in your Prayers as he continues to fight! Thanks again for the visits to us, cards, gifts, food, bringing us supplies, even getting us out for dinner!!!! Your Love, Support and Prayers are very much needed on this road to recovery!!!! Dale & I thank you all ever so much, we are so overwhelmed with all we are going through but we know we aren’t alone! Please continue to pray for Nicholas he’s a Fighter and our Warrior!!!! We Love You Son and we can’t wait to see your big beautiful blue eyes and your smile 😍XOXOXOXO

Keep Nicholas in your Prayers 🙏

Friday August 12th: Today is day 14 of being in St Mikes with our dear boy Nicholas he is in right now for his 6th operation 😢 he has been through so much in such a short time, he’s fighting hard!!! We Love you so much Nicholas, we are right beside you, we have never left your side and won’t be until you are out of St Mikes!!!! You have the best Dr’s and nurses taking care of you, they are just amazing the Trauma Team Unit ICU we can’t tell you all how caring and compassionate they are to all of us here!!!! You keep fighting buddy you are so loved by all I can’t tell you how much, the msgs the calls, the cards, the visits not just for you but Mom and Dad too!!!!! We are so grateful to the outpouring of Love you have all shown us through this difficult time since his accident!!!! Thanks everyone We Love You all dearly! Please keep Praying for him to get better! ❤️❤️❤️XOXOXOXO

Thursday August 11th Nicholas had a pretty good night he’s still in induced coma not sure how long at this point but most likely won’t be coming out of it at least for another week, he has to have more surgery to close up incision which is gradual, we have to be patient the Trauma Team Dr’s know what their doing and we trust them wholeheartedly!!!!! I will keep you updated when we know each surgery and how our Nicholas is progressing and again Please keep him in your Prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thanks so much ❤️XOXOXOXO

Wednesday August 10th Nicholas is out of surgery he did well!!!! They were only able to do a little closure, baby steps he’s been through so much! More surgery to come, not sure when, I will keep you all updated!!!! We are waiting to see him! 😃 Our Prayers are slowly being answered Thanks everyone! ❤️XOXOXOXO

Update Wednesday Nicholas is in surgery Please keep him in your Prayers! ❤️XO

Wednesday August 10th
Nicholas had a little bump last night we were so scared but the Trauma Team are always there to get him on track! He settled and was good the rest of the night! Today he is going in for surgery #5 so again Please keep him in your Prayers!!!! I will try to update as best I can! Thanks again everyone for the Love, Support and Prayers you have all shown us and my family it has been unbelievable, we can’t Thank You enough!!! Please get better son We Love You Soooooo Much! ❤️XOXOXOXO