2013 – 2018: 17 Warriors to SMU

The first question I often get when talking about Warriors at the next level is, “why do so many of your players sign with St. Mary’s?”.

The answer is simple… They call us a few times times a year. They communicate with us about our U Sports prospects. They call the players & stay in touch during their Senior season. Finally, they make the effort to come up to Huron Heights to speak with the players.

When I tell people this they seemed shocked, like “that’s it?”

I know, I know, you would assume I was a SMU alumni, or they must be showering the players and coaches with dinners, swag and trips to Nova Scotia. Nope, all they do is communicate and follow up.

The BIGGEST thing they do is return phone calls. If I call Coach Kolzie or Coach Tufford I can expect a return call within a couple of days. “Hey Coach, sorry I missed your call, what’s up?”

You would be surprised how many times I call coaches and NEVER hear back. Well, you might say, “Maybe they don’t like you coach… LOL!” Fair enough, that is possible, but university coaches have to win to keep their jobs, and you win by recruiting great players.

The coaches that fail to recruit are usually gone sooner than later.

Anyways, that’s the main reason a lot of our guys sign with SMU.